About the Creator Callington Canine

In the Beginning

This kitchen story tells of family business borne from the desire to create and supply quality food for beloved pets.

Why? Natural ingredients and good nutritional balance are paramount to keeping our dogs happy and healthy too.

And…With a cook in the family, a love of animals, 10 years plus of hands-on experience with dogs and nutrition, the next natural step for us was to develop a range of products to be made available to all those whose aspire to feed a diet that contributes to the long, healthy and happy life of their pets.

The Non-Cooking Hard Yards Part…

Undertaking research, focusing on animal nutrition and seeking advice from professionals along the way and perfecting the menus – it has all been with one aim in mind- happy healthy pets.

Produce, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh……
Using only the very best human grade ingredients, natural and fresh quality produce, we bring you what we believe to be, the very best in cooked and raw dog food.

We source our produce both locally in and around Oatlands in the Central Midlands of Tasmania and further afield, however keeping our product wholly Tasmanian.

This blend of natural products and a keen eye on nutrition is an alternative to commercial dog food. None of those questionable additives.

Getting it right for as many four legged friends as possible…

Some of our recipes are formulated to cater specifically for those pets where itchy or dry skin or bad odours are in evidence and to look after bone and gut health.

Our eager Tasting Panel Guests were assembled over a period of time (beloved pals of our colleagues and friends who were treated to a preview) and tested the various meals on offer.

We received such positive feedback from their thoughtful owners and details of hitherto fussy eaters who could not wait for meal times!

Note: Callington Canine also provide a range of fresh refrigerated products which are great but not suitable for posting in our hampers.

Dog Chews – Tasmanian Wallaby


100 gram resealable bag.

Tasmanian Wallaby dehydrated.

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