About the Creator of Ashbolt Farm Tasmania

Our family has worked Ashbolt Farm since 1906, and the Ashbolt brand began as we took on farm management in the 1980s, into what is now Ashbolt Tasmania.

Our passion for the creation of beauty and flavour led us to develop products that reflect our farm’s needs, something strong and dynamic and beautiful. Our experience has resulted in products that we would be proud to give as presents, and we wanted the quality of the contents reflected in the packaging.

And so, our family name became the brand name and the flowers of the olives, elders and apples became the uniting graphic on our labels.

We are so very proud of what we have achieved and look forward to all the other things we have yet to create and produce under this banner, Ashbolt Tasmania.

Our products provide a true foodie experience which is superbly different in all respects. Once tasted, it is difficult to find substitutes. We hope to entice you into sharing our lifetime commitment to this Tasmanian good food experience.

A small warning though: Our products are wonderfully addictive. “Hooked for life” or “addicted to” is something we hear a lot from our customers when they come back for more.

Everything we do at Ashbolt Farm is done with care and devotion, it’s part of why our products are so special. The way we care for and grow our crops and herds is a big part of why Ashbolt Farm products taste so special and win awards year on year.

Terroir: the relationship between trees, terrain, soil and climate.

Ashbolt Farm is situated in the unique microclimate of Tasmania’s Derwent Valley.  Grove orientation, soil type, topography and rainfall all add up to an environment which makes Ashbolt Farm products so distinctive and uniquely flavoursome.

To nurture the soil, we use clear clean water straight from the Derwent River, and hundreds of tonnes of organic compost and seaweed fertilisers. We also raise nutrient-rich cover crops which we mulch back into the tree rows for extra organic matter.

Commitment to the land and the future

We are constantly working on drought-proofing the farm, establishing efficient irrigation systems and shelter belts in each paddock. Ultimately, we will hope to have the most vibrant and self-sufficient ecosystem that we can create for our farm.

Colour you can taste

The land, and the way we farm it, is vital to the special colour and unique taste of our oils and elder products. Ashbolt Farm produce is physically and technically vastly different from others’ products.

“Nurturing the land” is not a cliché at Ashbolt Farm, it is a system of structured and carefully planned farming practices to enrich the soil and enhance the depth of flavour of our products. Taste the difference!


Elderberry Salad Dressing


375ml Bottle.

Our Australian Elderberry Salad Dressing is a fragrant and hearty blend of the fruit notes of elderberry with our cool climate olive oil.

The deeper flavour of this dressing is wonderful with warm lamb, salmon, over duck or red meat salads, and also delicious to serve with roasted vegetables. Look at our recipe page for some delicious inspiration on how to use Ashbolt Elderberry products

100% grown and made in Tasmania.

All our dressings and marinades are gluten, egg, preservative and additive free.

Ingredients: Ashbolt Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Elderberry Concentrate, Elderflower Concentrate, Lemon Juice, Elderberry Wine Vinegar, Wholegrain Mustard, Cracked Pepper, Salt and Orange Rind.