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THE CHOCOLATIERS Dimitri Smet, Pastry chef and Chocolatier grew up in the land of ‘chocolate’, Belgium. After graduating with a masters in fine patisserie and chocolate artistry he pursued his passion and worked in many esteemed Flemish Pastry houses. His curiosity and love for adventure brought him to Australia where he has led many famous and successful businesses. His wife Jae, a skilled and talented pastry chef brings finesse
and flair what earned her many awards in local and international pastry competition.

Lakker Chocolatiers, an artisanal Chocolatier, based in Hobart Tasmania. With its temperate, maritime climate with relatively mild winters and low humidity, Hobart makes the perfect place for making confections.

Since 2022, they are pursuing their dream to bring Australia & beyond the finest modern confection.

Trained in Belgium to key learnings in Australia, Lakker Chocolatiers creates Modern Australian Confections with the finest sourced cacao and produce. Crafted with tradition, passion, love, and creativity, we aim to make a little dose of magic in every bite.


Belgian White Chocolate with Fruits of the Forest


100 gram block.

Aka Cuberdon Candy, a popular delight made in Ghent, Belgium.

The recipe, that dates back to the 19th century, is a well kept secret only known by a handful of confectioners. We gave it our best to replicate this amazing confection.

Freeze dried raspberries, freeze dried black currants, violet folded through our 30% White Chocolate.





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