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“We started Grace & Me when my daughter Tasman (yes, very proud Tassie mum here – her middle name is Grace) started wanting to earn pocket money when she was 14.  I suggested we start a business.  As I have an existing business (Adore Massage) I was able to teach her about ABN’s, registering a business name, the importance of book keeping etc.  It’s been a delight watching her interact with customers – she’s a natural!  Basically my goal as her mum was to teach her – if opportunity doesn’t come knocking then create your own opportunities by building your own door!  She’s nearly 20 now and I can’t be prouder of the kind and savvy young woman she is!”

Welcome to the beautifully scented world of Tasmanian mother and daughter duo, Stephanie and Tasman. We began our exploration into the world of fragrances in 2019 with the creation of 6 Reed Diffusers. In February 2020 we took our Diffusers to market. They became popular very quickly, so we created more. Much more! Our range now includes 12 Reed Diffuser varieties, Car Diffusers, Room Sprays, Bath Salts and Reed Diffuser Refills.

Elevate your home’s ambiance, delight your senses, and create a haven of tranquility in every room. Discover our fragrance range and embrace the world of scents like never before.

Car Diffuser – Tasmania Wilderness Scent


Keep that manky, musty smell out of your car with these gorgeous little fragrance diffusers. Also handy to pop into your linen cupboard!

Invokes the soft, dewy aromas of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Top Notes: Lemon and Pine Needles
Mid Notes: Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle
Base Notes: Patchouli and Sandlewood




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