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Clive and Robyn Aver moved to Tasmania for a welcome tree change in 2007. Hobart became their home, and shortly after their relocation, they happened to meet the Tassie Devils at Bonorong Nature reserve. In fact Clive saw a game keeper touch one of these “cute” creatures and thought he could do the same. It didn’t turn out very well for Clive as the devil was indeed a devil and used all of its speed and strength for an attack on the unsuspecting newbie!! Fortunately no damage was done. When they decided to start the business they wanted to support this endearing Tassie Icon, hence the name Cheeky Devil Coffee Roasters.

Our mission is to provide the best coffee experience possible, whilst maintaining ethical practices from farm to cup.


Our weekly coffee is roasted in small batches, ensuring consistency and freshness in every cup. We work collaboratively with a small group of businesses in Tasmania and the mainland to showcase Cheeky Devil Coffee. These businesses share our values of small producers and ethical sourcing. You are supporting a Tasmanian small business, meaning all profits stay in Australia. We strive to provide the service that we all expect but rarely receive.

Coffee – Medium Roast Tasmanian Blend


250 grams. Espresso.

  • This is a coffee blend inspired by deep love for a special daughter. Sweet and forgiving, this coffee, like its name "Samantha", is suitable for many brewing scenarios.
  • The base of this blend comes from Brazil, with the body and body of Brazilian Arabica beans. While coffee beans from Colombia and African Ethiopian varieties provide additional fruitiness, flavor and certain characteristics that Brazilian coffee beans lack.
  • "Samantha's Secret" is excellent as a black coffee, but is excellent as a milk-based drink, suitable for filter brew, stove-top espresso, and pressurized.
  • "Samantha's Secret" is a medium roast coffee with balanced acidity and subtle hints of fruit. Delicious with or without milk.

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