About the Creator of Wayne’s Timber Pens

Wayne, a retired Police Officer has always a passion for woodwork and over the years he has refined his skills to a high level.

Since leaving the Police woodworking and his “man cave” have help him greatly with his mental health and PTSD since leaving the Police Force.

He loves working with Tasmanian timbers and is pedantic about creating each pen to the finest quality.  As every piece of timber is unique so is very pen, a lot of work and time goes into each and every pen to be in keeping with Wayne’s particular high standards and respect for his craftmanship.

Handcrafted Tasmanian Timber Pens

Each pen is handmade, so every single one is different. 
All are made from sustainably sourced Tasmanian timbers. 
Each pen takes a standard "slim" refill. Ideal shape for comfortable writing.
Choose from one of four beautiful Tasmanian timbers:



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