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Elly’s Gourmet Confectionery is handmade in Hobart Tasmania by a small team of passionate food artists, committed to creating mouth watering and innovative confectionery. Established in 2014, Elly’s quickly grew to become loved by Tasmanians, and can be found on the shelves of local gourmet grocers and cafes. Visitors to Tasmania have discovered Elly’s at many of the state’s tourist attractions, hotels, and at the iconic Salamanca Markets, where you can sample the full range of Elly’s every Saturday of the year.

Elly’s Gourmet Confectionery is committed to bringing you culinary delights like you have never tasted, and we promise you’ll love them all!

Popcorn Combo Gift Box


180 grams.

A taste of Elly’s is the perfect gift! Our two most popular treats in one attractive gift box: Salted Caramel Bang 100g, Salted Caramel Pop 80g.

All Elly's Products Are...Gluten Free | All Natural | Palm Oil Free | Made in Tasmania


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