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Soap – Devil – Blackseed Oil & Activated Charcoal


Offer yourself or your loved ones a devil of a soap! Eco-friendly, Cheeky, ethical, its beautiful ingredients will make your skin and your soul happy, even if you are prone to acne.

What a beautiful eco-friendly, ethical gift for Tasmanian lovers who have skins challenges such as acne.

The Design of the soap is mimicking the robe of the Devil and comes in a cupcake shape.

Its beautiful Australian/Tasmanian essential oils scents are locked in a eco-friendly tissue paper and in a compostable box.

Our gentle Ingredients:
Butters (From Organic Shea, Cocoa), Organic Oils (From Coconut & Castor), Tasmanian Olive Oil, Sunflower oil, Black Seed Oil , Water, Lye, Australian White Kaolin Clay, Essential Oils (Dainggatti Region Aniseed Myrtle Oil, Wiradjuri Land White Cypress Leaf and Wood, Tasmanian Lavender), Activated Charcoal, Himalayan Salt.

For External use only.

Handmade in Tasmania.

Cold Process soap.

Minimum weight 90g.

No palm Oil.

No Artificial colouring.

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