Cam Blake Tasmanian Photographer

Hello, my name is Cam Blake and I am a Landscape and Wilderness love. I live to be out in nature shooting scenes and bringing them back to show the rest of the World. I have had my work published widely in some of Australia’s leading publication, including Australian Geographic and WILD Outdoor magazine. I spend much of my time in the Tasmanian Wilderness capturing her rugged beauty and uncharted regions. I also love to share my knowledge with others, and I conduct 3-day photography workshops and 6-day tours throughout Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain and Overland Track regions. If you have ever wanted to learn and improve your photography skill then I recommend joining me on one of my workshop sessions. Bring your camera, get some fresh Tasmanian air and capture the beauty that is all around us. I am also the current President of the Tasmanian AIPP council and an accredited associate member of the AIPP. Cam Blake.


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Tasmania In Photos by Photographer Cam Blake


A gorgeous book containing some of Cam Blake's best photos of Tasmania.


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