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Chris and Anna creators of Wild Pepper Isle


Photo: Chris and Anna weathering the storm while out picking pepperberriies.

Chris is a locally grown Tassie boy with a love of the environment and all things Tasmanian.

Looking for something new way back in 2015, Chris got this pepperberry thing rolling. With a degree in Agriculture and a PhD in microbiology, he ditched his lab coat for an apron, his pipette for a picking ladder, and strode out in search of Tasmanian Pepper.

Chris believes in this industry because pepperberry is Tassie’s very own and is borne out of beautiful natural places that he loves.  He is more passionate than ever about this young industry and is continuing to expand his vision for sustainably managing wild harvest of pepperberry.

Chris is supported in this venture by his partner Anna. Together they are busy propagating pepperberry plants for enrichment planting on their property in the Southern Midlands, Tasmania and raising a toddler who is showing early aptitude for all things pepperberry!

Tasmanian Pepperberry Grinder


40 grams grinder.

This pepperberry grinder is a great way to experience the difference between Tasmanian pepperberry and regular imported black pepper.  Use it as you would black pepper – apply it direct to meals or in cooking.

This pepperberry grinder is a great way to experience the full aroma and flavour of Tasmanian pepperberry.  Freshly ground pepperberry  has a beautiful bush aromatic – sweet menthol with a hint of cloves, vanilla and a musky something.  Of course it has a little more bite than it’s imported counterpart (regular pepper).  So go easy at first!

This pepperberry grinder has a fully adjustable ceramic core. It is durable and designed to be reused many times.  It can deliver very finely ground particles or very coarse – as you desire.  The grinder head is large, fits well in your hand and is ergonomic to use.  The grinder has a cap on the top which is a useful feature when cooking – if you want to measure out the dose precisely grind into the cap and measure with a teaspoon into your pot.

We prefer to fill our pepperberry grinders with pre-cracked pepperberry to facilitate consistent grinding.  To ensure the freshly ground experience we remove fine particles generated in the cracking process by passing cracked pepperberry over a sieve.  A seal underneath the grinder cap ensures product freshness.

Food for thought: try freshly cracked pepperberry on ice cream or watermelon! It is good on sweet things and savoury.  Apply onto poached eggs – it will bleed a purple colour!

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