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Chris and Anna creators of Wild Pepper Isle

Photo: Chris and Anna weathering the storm while out picking pepperberriies.

Chris is a locally grown Tassie boy with a love of the environment and all things Tasmanian.

Looking for something new way back in 2015, Chris got this pepperberry thing rolling. With a degree in Agriculture and a PhD in microbiology, he ditched his lab coat for an apron, his pipette for a picking ladder, and strode out in search of Tasmanian Pepper.

Chris believes in this industry because pepperberry is Tassie’s very own and is borne out of beautiful natural places that he loves.  He is more passionate than ever about this young industry and is continuing to expand his vision for sustainably managing wild harvest of pepperberry.

Chris is supported in this venture by his partner Anna. Together they are busy propagating pepperberry plants for enrichment planting on their property in the Southern Midlands, Tasmania and raising a toddler who is showing early aptitude for all things pepperberry!

Tasmanian Pepperberry Syrup (ideal with gin)


150ml bottle.

Tasmanian Pepperberry syrup is a sweet syrup of fruit and fire!

What makes this pure pepperberry syrup so unique is that it is absolutely loaded with pepperberries – 180 berries in every 150ml bottle! The intense pepperberry flavour will turn your drink into a veritable experience of the Tasmanian wilderness.

It is aromatic, fruity, spicy are really, really good!

We wild-harvest the berries ourselves and use only the best berries for this product.

Using a fruit press we are able to concentrate the fruity and aromatic qualities of pepperberry whilst still retaining that distinctive Tasmanian Pepper bite.  It is a delayed and building heat that starts after 3-4 seconds with a playful tickle.  Not for the faint-hearted. It is dark, dangerous and indulgent and it can BITE!

We designed our pepperberry syrup with drinks in mind. It works particularly well with Gin, enhancing the botanicals and complimenting the dryness with a spicy tingle. Check out our Pepperberry cocktail recipes.

And since it’s full of anti-oxidants we can have a second glass guilt free! 😉

Finally, to top off this unique cocktail you can chuck in a couple freeze dried pepperberry garnish to give it an extra bite!

It also has good kitchen versatility and can be used in salad dressings, sauces and desserts.

Step boldly into the kitchen, splash it about and see what you can create!

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