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Our family and generation before us are Tasmanian.

It’s different living here, we like things in their purest form, from the cleanest air in the world to homegrown produce that is locally sourced.

We love a slower pace, a chance to connect to what matters, and the ability to feel more human.

To create our Tasmanian product it’s unique in the way we operate. We have to workharder in this isolated place, with determination, and a focus on what is better not what is more.

Much of our tea is blended with locally sourced produce from the Huon Valley.  The use of local produce is paramount for The Tea Equation.  Organic where possible and with a view of leaving a small footprint on the earth.

Tea – Chai Variety Taster 16 Pack 4 Varieties


16 Pack Looseleaf (4x Classic Chai 4x Campfire Chai 4x Flow Chai)

Description: Our Chai Taster Pack includes a taste of our 3 fragrant Chai Blends. Mixes of black tea and cosy spices. Simmer with milk and sweeten with honey for a soul warming moment.

The Chai Taster Pack includes 4 Packs (Tea Bags or Loose Leaf) each of our three hand crafted Chai tea blends, Classic Chai, Campfire Chai and Flow Chai.

Brewing Process:

1 Teaspoon of Tea
+ 1 Cup of boiling water
x up to five minutes
Milk to taste
Honey to sweeten
= Soul Warmed



A wide range of local and organic teas, spices and love.

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