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Belinda Rollins is the creator behind World of Kawaii Gifts.  She is in Hobart – Tasmania – Australia. 

She originally trained to become a chef and did that for a while, but eventually realised it wasn’t for her.  She is passionate about creating new things with crafts and has been doing this her whole life, as a hobby.  Life is short, so Belinda decided to turn her love of craft from a hobby to a business.  Her attention to detail and creative mind led her hobby to become her full time passion and business.  She loves working with 100% wool felt, creating highly detailed dainty gifts and souvenirs that people can purchase to remind them of their favourite things or their travels to Tasmania. 

Behind very hand cuts piece of felt and every stitch, there truly is a little love and passion in every item she makes. She has fine-tuned her art over many years to create high quality products that she is proud to sell locally and all over the world. She is every evolving and is now hand dying her own felt. 

Watch this space as Belinda continues to show what talented Tasmanians have to offer.  


Wool Felt Unicorn Foal


100% Wool Felt Kawaii Unicorn- Rainbow. With gold metallic hooves.

Unicorn stands at about 8cm tall. She has a rainbow mane and tail with gold metallic hooves. Totally hand stitched using blanket stitch. Has black beads for eyes. Horn is made from sparkle white fimo. Not suitable for young children.

Did you know? 

The unicorn holds the title of national animal of Scotland. The Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, which the Kings of Scotland used before 1603, featured two unicorns as supporters. Today, the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom includes a unicorn representing Scotland alongside an English lion. Unicorns are commonly seen adorning mercat crosses. Additionally, Forres, Moray, is in the process of establishing a National Unicorn Museum.

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