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Our bee business started after a curiosity about bees lead to a beekeeping course “Natural Beekeeping”. I was immediately hooked and ordered my first hive that night. I bought some bees (a nucleolus hive) and started my beekeeping journey. The ladies (bees) are fascinating and I often sit and watch their comings and goings in the late afternoon to unwind after a busy day.

About 2 weeks after getting my first bees, I received a message about a swarm in a fruit tree and could I collect it? With great trepidation and research I set off with a cardboard box, sheets, my bee suit and a whole lot of hope! This collection was a success and the beginning of many collections during my first season of beekeeping. By the end of the 2020-21 season I successfully collected 6 swarms.

My plan for our bee business is to continue to grow and we now host 24 beehives.


My passion is plant science and combined with my love of quality, fresh produce, I have decided to set up a PYO berry business in the heart of Campbell Town, Tasmania. We have a lovely 10 hectare farm and have just finished building our dream home upon it.

In winter 2023 we planted our first raspberry canes kindly donated from home gardeners across our lovely island state, Tasmania. The generosity and mixture of varieties will feature in our berry patch. During spring we planted hundreds of blueberry plants and in Summer a full row of Haskap berries. Over this period we also planted a row each of Tay berries, thornless blackberries, youngberries, silvan berries and boysenberries.

We will be open for pick your own (PYO) berries summer ‘24/25.

My husband Pete and our 2 daughters Miriam and Fiona are all involved in each aspect of our business as keen beekeepers, fencers and growers. As our berries begin to produce plenty of fruit, I hope they will be keen pickers too!

Beeswax & Honey Body Balm


100 gram tin.


Honey is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it can keep skin bacteria in check and help prevent future infections.


Honey has been directly observed to reduce skin inflammation after being applied to wounds

Natural moisturiser

The sugars in honey act as natural humectants , meaning they help increase moisture in the skin and reduce dryness, even after being washed off.

Beeswax provides a protective, breathable layer to your skin.

Fragrance free

The delicious scent comes from the honey and beeswax.

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