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Nonpareil Chocolate Freckle Map of Tasmanian Gift Boxed



Nonpareil is a wholly family-owned and operated chocolate confectionary business located in the beautifully historic town of Richmond, Tasmania. We believe in creating beautifully unique and fun products that are bound to put a smile on anyways face no matter what age. All our freckles are tirelessly hand-poured, sprinkled, and packaged by hand, using quality Australian-sourced ingredients.

We take great pride in our craft and are passionate about the quality of our products. When you buy a Nonpareil freckle, you are supporting a wholly Tasmanian-owned family business and local jobs.


Our deliciously fun freckles make the perfect gift to loved ones or to yourself!

Chocolate Freckle – Map of Tasmania


Hand-made in Tasmania - chocolates with freckles in presentation box.

Sweeten someone's day with chocolate covered in nonpareils/freckles/sprinkles.

Hand-poured with delicious milk chocolate and covered in nonpareils.  We just know they will love it!

What is Nonpareil?


Synonyms of nonpareil
Having no equal.
Her performance was nonpareil.
Our baker's cakes are nonpareil.


An individual of unequaled excellence:
A small flat disk of chocolate covered with white sugar pellets.
Sugar in small pellets of various colors.


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