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Beauty and the Bees Tasmania

All-Natural Eco-Friendly Hair and Skincare Sourced from Tasmania’s Mountains, Seas, Farms & Rainforests.


We don’t have to tell you that there are almost limitless “natural” hair and skincare products on the market these days, but Beauty and the Bees stands out because we’ve been creating our locally-sourced, eco-friendly products for almost three decades, generating thousands of positive testimonials and almost fanatical customers. We did it first and we do it better by sticking to our belief in personally testing every ingredient we use and in our commitment to a small-batch, handmade approach to beauty products.


We believe you should choose Beauty and the Bees because of:

What’s in our products:

The herbs, honey, waxes, plant oils, mineral and clay ingredients featured in Beauty and the Bees products have been used by humans for centuries without the harmful side effects increasingly evident in today’s chemical-laden world. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen because it is natural and has a history of benefiting the body is some special way, and, just as important…



What’s NOT in our products:

Synthetics, petrochemicals, detergents, harsh chemical scents, chemical preservatives, or any other ingredient harmful to humans or the environment.



Our cruelty-free approach!

All of our products, and importantly all ingredients, are tested only on humans, never animals.

Our commitment to the planet:

Since 1993, through our emphasis on cardboard, recycled glass and other recycled materials, we have saved over a million pieces of plastic packaging from landfills.



Our secret ingredient — Tasmania, our home:

Not only are all ingredients used in Beauty and the Bees products edible, they’re healthy and delicious because, whenever possible, they’re sourced from Tasmania, an island of temperate rainforests, rich volcanic soil, air purified by arctic currents, and home to some of the cleanest water on Earth.


Honey & Herb Baby Botty Butter


40 grams.

Our original Baby Botty Butter, crafted by hand since 1993.

This unscented baby bum cream is rich in organic plant oils and waxes that melt on contact with bub’s skin to produce a silky protective barrier.

Happy parents tell us that it’s the best baby cream ever for eczema, nappy rash, sore noses, dribble rash, cracked lips and spotty bottys, especially when applied at the first sign of redness.

And P.S, you don’t have to be a baby to benefit from this luxurious butter. People of all ages go potty for it!

All Beauty and the Bees hair and skincare products are built on a foundation of 3 simple words: Raw. Rare. Real.

Raw: Natural ingredients from the Apiaries, Beaches, Dairies, Forests and Farms of Australia’s wild island of Tasmania.

Rare: Leatherwood Honey and Beeswax found only in the ancient rainforests along Tasmania’s wild west coast.

Real: Our Ingredients, People, and Commitment towards this Australian Island’s Environment and Economy.

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