About the Creator of the Tasmanian Baking Studio

“Healthy hound treat as been established during a research and development period to see how many uses for hemp I could up with. My husband works in the  industry and brought home some hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp oil. I made a few different products and we noticed that our dog was always trying to pilfer some. So I decided to create the dog treats.

They are balanced to include a lot of positive raw ingredients to help owners to manage a healthy digestive tract, provide anti inflammatory properties to assist with the management of arthritis, and of course knowing. That they have no salt added ensures that the dog gets a healthy treat.” 

Sweet Potato & Hemp Dog Treats


200 grams.

The inspiration for these treats was the desire to provide dogs with a healthier option when training and rewarding.

The ingredients provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support a dog's regular food. Especially the hemp oil and seeds are a plant derived high source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 proteins and fiber.




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