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Tasmania provides a wonderful variety of quality fruits, vegetables and fresh produce. The pristine air and cool climate intensify the flavour of Tasmanian produce. The Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company are privileged to be able to have access to this delicious fresh produce.

Their philosophy for the 30 years they have been operating, has been to support Tasmanian growers and as a result of this, they are able to access the best of Tasmania’s fruit and vegetable harvest. Their products are all natural with no added colours, artificial flavours, fillers or preservatives.

They showcase fresh, natural Tasmanian ingredients in their custom-built kitchen near historic Evandale.

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Tasmanian Devil Summerberry Jam Gift


190 gram jar.

Tasmanian Devil Jam Gift Pack

These endearing gift packs contain 1 x 190g of Summerberry Jam. They are the perfect gift reflecting the unique nature of the Tasmanian Devil. From each pack sold a contribution is made to the “Save The Devil Appeal”.

Summerberry Jam

A bountiful combination of wonderful berry fruits – raspberries, boysenberries, red currants and blackberries. The sharpness of the redcurrants gives this jam a much loved tang.



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