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Coming from Austrian and Scottish heritage straight to Tasmania, our formulator and creator’s designs draw inspiration from the varied climates she has lived in and the beautiful natural ingredient’s local to each part of the world that’s been passed through on the road.

Finding creativity by taking inspiration from traditional cold-processed soap recipes and giving them a bright, fun and squishy side with old-fashioned simple quality.

I first fell in love with soaping when I was researching personalised and custom gifts for bridesmaids on my wedding day. I made sure they were crammed with love and nourishing oils and butters.

My bridesmaids were amazed at how soft my soap left their skin feeling without reacting or irritating their skin.

Made “Under Down Under”, right here in beautiful Tasmania and made fresh, in small batches. Working with local ingredient’s, suppliers and customers as much as they can is part of their foundation and important to them.

SLS Free – Phthalate Free – No Palm Oil – Cruelty Free – No Parabens – No Detergents – Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Bright and beautiful, handmade and homemade, designed and created with love and fun. Made with sustainable, cruelty free products, all of the bath bombs leave skin feeling refreshed and your bath transformed into an awesome part of your day!


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Bubble Bath Bar – Sandalwood


Each Bubble Bath Bar can be easily broken up and is enough for roughly 2-4 baths.

Who doesn’t love soaking in a warm bubble bath? It is one of our favourite ways to relax after a stressful day of work. These fun Rainbow Bubble Bath Truffles are a combination of a fizzing bath bomb and bubble bath bar which gives the fluffiest of bubbles but also the fizziness of a bath bomb.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and containers, these bars are biodegradable and sustainable for our environment.  Each are sealed in biodegradable wrappers that can be put in compost bins and turns into garden mulch within 6 weeks!

We love Bubble Bath Bar Truffles as you get to enjoy these bars multiple times!

How to use:

  • Break off a piece to the size that you would like (bigger the piece the more bubbles you will have)

  • Hold your broken off piece of Bubble Bar Truffle under the tap to create the fluffiest bubbles

  • Enjoy your bath!

How to store: Keep in a cool and dry environment until you are ready to use them.

Please note: Each Bubble Bath Bar Truffle is hand cut and therefore each and everyone is unique in looks and size.

Ingredients: Bicarbonate Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA, Cream of Tartar, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Essential Oil


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